Monday, July 30, 2007

Share A Cow

The recent kerfluffle over butter following Ruhman's cruel flensing (wink*) of Daniel Patterson's July 1 NY Times article on the subject actually got me interested in making some butter myself. So I did my due diligence and googled, dialed and drove all over the got-damned place trying to find raw cream, of course, to no avail. I live close enough to thousands of Amish farmers that I suppose that if I grew out my beard and pulled all the buttons and zippers off my clothes, I might have been able to insinuate myself into someone's barn to squeeze out a couple of pints before someone spoke to me in Deutsch and exposed my clever deception. But it hardly seemed worth it. (Don't you think?)

In the end I made some butter from organic heavy cream and chunks of sea salt and it was pretty good, although not good enough to justify the effort to anyone other than my over-weaned need to make my own food whenever I can. But I haven't given up on finding raw cream to splatter my glasses again and came across this nutty-enough-to-make-perfect-sense idea this morning : Cow Shares. It's essentially the same concept as a CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture) agreement with a bovine core.

Cow Share Agreements


Tags said...

I'd love to take a field trip here sometime. Just off the Lansdale exit of the PA Turnpike Northeast Extension.

Ed Bruske said...

Bob, states are all over the map on the subject of selling raw milk. Where does Pennsylvania stand, exactly? Strictly illegal in Maryland, for instance. But some places the raw stuff can be sold in stores, in others only at the farm. Have you read, ¨The Revolution Will Not be Microwaved¨?