Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Restaurants Test Table Card Readers - TIME

It's what you don't know that allows you to sleep at night. According to this article in Time, something like 70 percent of all credit card skimming occurs in restaurants when the server takes your card away from the table and you can't see wtf he's doing. Turns out what some of these dirt bags are doing is copying your credit card data and selling it to other dirt bags that resell it or use it themselves.
On the brighter side, while 70 percent seems like a big number it's impossible to judge how often this happens and judging personal risk without knowing the total number of incidents . So don't be calling your doctor for any Ambien scripts just yet.
But you can be sure that Bob dG going to be paying more attention to the behavior of servers from hereon.

Restaurants Test Table Card Readers - TIME


Don Luis said...

There is an easy solution: don't eat in restaurants. Can even the best chef cook as well as my mother, or my mother-in-law? I doubt it. As far as I know, neither of them steals from me.

fiat lux said...

Sadly, the math illiterates who read that piece are going to come away believing that 70% of restaurants are crooked.

Anonymous said...

My solution? Always tip well (no less than 20%) and keep the servers happy!


sfchin said...

No no, not 70% of restaurants. 70% of people are crooked. Heh.

Sorcha said...

Huh. Coincidentally or not, a couple friends of mine have recently had their debit cards turn up fraudulent charges.

Unfortunately, Jennie, it's not bad tips that's the problem. An honest server won't sell your card number over a bad tip. Someone who's going to do something like this could care less about the tip - that's not where they're making their real money.

I knew a guy in Driver's Ed in high school who worked in a bike shop and he would brag about using customers' credit card numbers to order stuff. Of course, that was 20 years ago, and security's improved some since then.