Sunday, July 22, 2007

Reporter detained over fake food story | The Australian

BEIJING police have detained a television reporter for fabricating an investigative story about steamed buns stuffed with cardboard at a time when China's food safety is under intense international scrutiny.

A report directed by Beijing TV and played on state-run national broadcaster China Central Television last Thursday said an unlicensed snack vendor in eastern Beijing was selling steamed dumplings stuffed with cardboard soaked in caustic soda and seasoned with pork flavouring.

Beijing authorities said investigations had found that an employee surnamed Zi had fabricated the report to garner "higher audience ratings", the China Daily said on Thursday.

"Zi had provided all the cardboard and asked the vendor to soak it. It's all cheating," the paper quoted a government notice as saying.

Reporter detained over fake food story | The Australian

Hmm, fabricating a story about a street vendor who puts cardboard in dumplings while knowing that the Chinese government executes people for generating bad publicity for their grand experiment in controlling human behavior? Wanna bet that the street vendor isn't chilling in a shallow grave somewhere and that Mr. Zi won't be staying inside for a few weeks while his eyeballs resume their normal position? I wouldn't.

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