Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Potato Chips Suck

I don't like eating potato chips. I don't care if they are fried in angel fat, after eating one or two I yawn and walk away. It wasn't always thus. When I was a kid I sure as hell ate them with fervor, along with every other bit of mass produced junk food I could get my pudgy little hands on. But somewhere along the path to adulthood I lost my appetite for potato chips and all snack food -with the exception of popcorn.
Is there some larger truth here? Maybe, but who would care?

Anyways -I'd sure like to know how to get paid for writing irrelevant drivel like "potato chips suck" or articles like this one about potato chips!

The Best Chip? The First One Out of the Bag - New York Times

Happy 4th!

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Anonymous said...

A study in opposites.

My house growing up: No junk food allowed. Soda only outside of the house on certain occassions. Weight problem in adulthood: non-existent.

Nextdoor neighbor growing up:

Kitchen had official "potato chip drawer" and "cookie drawer." Chips and cookies were around 24/7. So was soda in abundance. Result: Daughter was in Weight Watchers before college.