Monday, July 30, 2007

Pineapple Vinegar Update

This just in from heirloom bean meister Steve Sando on his god- directed effort to make vinegar from pineapple.

"A friend alerted me to your post and I thought you might like an update.
The batch with the unprocessed apple cider vinegar added tasted like vinegar almost exactly a week later. I used the liquid and was happy but later a real "mother" formed on the top and the batch is very clearly acidic and vinegar now. I did this one in a glass "barrel" as in the photos. In the ceramic crock, I didn't use any apple cider vinegar. Just the pineapple, water and sugar in the form of piloncillo. The mother formed after about four weeks and I think this batch is superior.
Neither bacth had an open lid, but both lids fit loosely, if that matters. Both are stored on a dark pantry shelf that stays pretty warm.
I use it all the time, especially to finish off a bowl of beans. I'm storing the vinegar in used beer bottles (Corona, natch!) with wine corks in them and passing them out to friends as I have a lot.
Glad to meet you!"

Holy Mother of G-d, your experiment worked. My concern over the prevalence of acetic acid producing bacteria in your arid homeland was for naught. There was more than enough to do the job and you are now enjoying vinagre de la pina. I'm not surprised that it took four weeks to produce a ready batch. The initial mixture had to first ferment into "wine" then wait patiently for the alcohol munching bacteria to grow apace and spew out the acetic acid required to produce a respectable vinegar. But whatever, it worked! Adding sugar (piloncillo) was a great idea and gave a boost to the alcohol producing yeast so that when their time came the acetobacteria had something to eat and convert -like so many million tiny Stanley Owsleys- into acid.

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