Friday, July 6, 2007

PETAphiles Like to Paint

Austin: "Two downtown restaurants that serve foie gras, the fatty duck liver targeted by animal rights activists, were vandalized early Tuesday.
Teresa Wilson, chef and co-owner of Aquarelle on Rio Grande Street, and Parind Vora, chef-owner of Restaurant Jezebel on Congress Avenue, reported that their eateries had been spray painted with anti-foie gras slogans. Jezebel was recently singled out by a local animal rights group conducting a campaign against foie gras, which critics say is produced inhumanely.

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Sorcha said...

As I've said, I'm not really into foie (at least, not by itself, though I've had it as an ingredient in some dishes that were just incredible.) Nonetheless, articles like this make me want to go down to Carafe Bistro and stuff myself on foie till I can't walk. PeTA sucks in so many ways, none of them good.

Bob del Grosso said...

Just between you and me (and a few thousand others) I haven't cooked any foie gras in about three years. And in that time I've eaten it maybe two or three times. The last time might have been as long as a year ago.
But between the my blogging about and all the reading I've been doing I've begun to long for it.
I was in the market the other day and spotted some truffled mousse of foie gras on the shelf.
Now, I would never buy anything like that bec. I like to make it myself and I know that they use tasteless summer truffles in the receipt. But tell you what, I stared at that thing for so long that I could smell it through the plastic and wanted to eat it on the spot. Didn't buy it though.

Hunger is weird.

Sorcha said...

Hunger knows no logic, alas.