Thursday, July 5, 2007

Old News is Still Good News

Mr. McGee explains why it's a bad idea to follow the dictums of classical cooking too closely. In the present instance he reminds hunger artists why they may not want to discard the seeds and "jelly" from inside the tomato. I fondly remember Julia Child instructing us to do otherwise while repeating what she had learned at Le Cordon Bleu (Discard the jelly and seeds because they have no flavor) and elsewhere in the glittering city of the haute cuisine and thinking Sorry JC, not this time.

Take it away McGee...

News For Curious Cooks: New developments in tomato flavor, part 1: Save the seeds


Anonymous said...

The corruption goes deeper than that R.D.G. I was taught that it was o.k. to make Hollandaise with lemon, lime, orange juice and cayenne. AND to use tarragon in the Bernaise! Le Bleu is rebelling.

Anonymous said...

By the way, that was me again.


Sorcha said...

Mm, fresh tomatoes. I picked some lovely ones up tonight just to slice and eat with a little salt.

gary allen said...

The pulpy fluid around the seeds of melons are the first part to ripen, and usually have much better flavor than the melon itself. When I make sorbets, I always save every possible bit of that "juice" before pureeing the flesh of the melon. Put it in a blender with some sugar, then strain the bits of seeds out before proceeding with the rest of the recipe.

If you don't plan to make sorbet, blenderize the pulp with sugar and ice, then strain for a delicious summer drink (rather like aguas frescas).h

veron said...

I heard the seeds are bad for digestion....but if you just use it for flavor and strain it later I guess it is okay

Bob del Grosso said...

The seeds are not digestible so if you eat a lot of them you may trun your bowels into a methane gas plant. However, in moderation they are all to the good as, like all roughage, they help to aerate your gut and make it easier for bacteria to break down your food while acting like so many little scrubies to remove fat and other crap that would othewise cling to intestinal membrane.

So don't worry about those seeds! :-)