Friday, July 6, 2007

Molecular Gastonomy Meme is Real

I've been quietly tracking the progress of the molecular gastronomy process by way of trying to decide if it's going to become the next big thing. While it's too soon to make any judgments about it's eventual importance, I've noticed that the practice has definitely moved out of Catalonia, New York and Chicago and has cropped up in Nashville, Sydney (Au) and as I suspected, in resort areas like The Bahamas. The name MG and the method are memes for sure. But it remains to be seen if the philosophy behind them develops into a new paradigm for haute cuisine, becomes irrelevant, or merely remains as it is today: an interesting and intellectually challenging approach that's too weird to be loved by anyone other than nerds like myself.

The Nassau Guardian -


Anonymous said...

(Muses internally) Hmmm, how soon until Cal Tech and M.I.T. begin offering M.G. classes as a new major??


redman said...

I'm really glad you're picking up this topic. My students are definitely obsessed with it, and we do a unit on it in a course that covers current trends in the industry.

april said...

I can tell you that someone is doing it in Pittsburgh, at a place called Bigelow Grill which is attached to the DoubleTree hotel. WQED even did a feature on the chef, which you can watch here: mms://

I will spare you my opinions apart from saying that MG is not really my bag, although it's an interesting novelty to be sure.

Ed said...

Not sure that MG is really on in Sydney though there are a couple of places doing it in Melbourne.

CarolinaGirl said...

There is a great blog by a chef named Sean Brock from McCrady's in Charleston. He is so into MG he actually started a new business involving the chemicals. I have not eaten there yet so I have no verdict but everyone raves over his work.really cool pics and great explanations of what you are actually looking at. I dig the fresh quail with eggs before he transformed it.