Thursday, July 5, 2007

Link to Me Elsewhere

This feels a bit weird posting this but this LINKS to an extended piece that I wrote about the Georges Perrier vs Anti-Foie Gras activists for a locally produced blog (WC DISH) here in suburban Philadelphia. Some of the material is the same that appeared in a post at A Hunger Artist but there is a greater attempt to put Perrier and his role in modern classical cooking into perspective.

A Guide to Food and Restaurants in West Chester PA | West Chester Dish


Anonymous said...

(Using the serious tone of voice for a moment)

The issue I keep hearing underneath this is one of the ends and the means. Where this and other groups go wrong is when they make that descent into "any means to ensure their ends." Ingredients like fanaticism, ignorance, and a desire to control the behavior of others, begin to form into a dangerous combination. Any guilt they may feel is assuaged by thinking, "But I'm on the side of good. Surely there's nothing wrong with preventing something bad from happening."

The evolution of the radical pro-Lifer's comes to mind when I read things like this. Ethics went right out the window in the name of achieving their goals, which lead all the way to violence for some.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if we started to see things like stalkings for those whom they decide have some active connection to foie production in the future.


Bob del Grosso said...

Of course I'm worried about this too. Some of them have already attacked researcher who do animal studies.

While the vast majority are not violent there are some who will stop at nothing. I'm sure Homeland Security is monitoring these groups, which bothers me quite a bit, but then I suppose it has to be.