Friday, July 13, 2007

It's Friday, why not get hammered on water?

And A Hunger Artist knows just the place to do it: Via Genoa in Chappaqua, less then twenty minutes from my old home in West Chester NY. True it's a water bar and true, you can't get hammered on water, but (if I may reinvoke my alter ego to speak from hereon) dude, Chappaqua is just teaming with yuppies who will like, be in the bar paying like huuuuuge dollars for the coolest water from like Alaska and stuff.

I mean if like really rich corporate lawyers with like 750 ils are like paying 30 dinero for like f--kin' water, just think of the babes that'll be there with like Gucci shoes and big lips and sh-t. - First Class Glass: Bottle Of Water $55 In N.Y.


CarolinaGirl said...

Holy cow! I have preferences like which one is on sale or which one seems coolest but I have no idea what dish to pair my tap water with. I feel so much like a big ol hillbilly. Pity me.
What a phenomenon! And you know this place has probably spawned high dollar water snobs by now. Yikes!

Bob del Grosso said...

I'm not to so sure about how to pair water with food either. Although I think it goes pretty good with bread -or so I'm told :-)

Anonymous said...

(Counting the nanoseconds before that becomes the next big thing in L.A. Now that the air bars are no longer cool, and high-colonics are out of vogue, this HAS to be next.)