Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It's Official: Foie Gras is Inhumane to Humans

Wow! They don't call themselves The Humane Society for nothing! Now they're expanding a lawsuit against Hudson Valley Farms and playing the inhumane to humans angle.

See, it goes like this: foie gras is not just bad for ducks (sic) it's also bad for people because according to a doctor WHO WORKS FOR THE HUMANE SOCIETY (pedantic emphasis obviously mine) citing a study that suggests but does not prove a relationship between foie gras consumption and amyloidosis
"This new study finds that foie gras consumption may increase the risk of developing amyloidosis in susceptible people, which is difficult to treat and often fatal," stated Michael Greger, MD, Director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture for The HSUS. "Foie gras is produced by inducing a state of disease in ducks and geese by force-feeding, and the study notes that the potentially harmful 'pathological alteration is noticeably increased in birds subjected to stressful environmental conditions as well as to the forced feeding that is used to produce foie gras.'"

So what's the humane thing to do? Claim that Hudson Valley foie gras is an adulterated product from a diseased animal and sue the company under a NY State law that makes it illegal to sell adulterated food from diseased animals. I wonder how many witnesses they are going to bring to court to testify that they got amyloidosis from eating foie gras?

I imagine that if they do manage to bring in witnesses this would make for some damned good television because, as of this writing, the amyloid proteins in foie gras have only been shown to induce amyloidosis in MICE that were genetically engineered to develop (you guessed it) amyloidosis!

Whatever. I don't doubt that The Humane Society and like minded organizations are going to drive Hudson Valley Farms out of New York or out of business. But I wonder if their peculiar form of humanism is extensible to the hundreds of people who are going to lose their jobs when the company folds up shop.

What'd you think? Think HUSUS and PETA will buy up the farm and set the workers to growing hemp?

Study on Foie Gras Disease Risks Prompts Expanded Humane Society Lawsuit | The Humane Society of the United States


Tags said...

Web-footed fowl are the single most plentiful source of folic acid*, a B vitamin whose presence outweighs the infinitesimal possibility of amyloidosis by at least an order of magnitude. Sounds like the only scientists working for the PETA crowd are shills. Shills with blinders on.

* Courtesy of Jeffrey Steingarten, author of "The Man Who Ate Everything."

Jennie/Tikka said...

And drinking too much water can kill you - are we going to ban that, too??

This is bad science. When you engineer (in this case - genetically engineer) the results ahead of time, those results shouldn't be considered a genuine result.

Tags said...

For Jennie


Jennie/Tikka said...

tags - LOVED that! That's exactly what we're talking about here!

Don Luis said...

Loved the Rat Fink reference. Rat Fink (actually a mouse) was created by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth sometime around 1950 to express his hatred for Mickey Mouse. Are you using it to represent the genetically modified mice, or the Mickey Mouse "ethical" and "humane" organizations that oppose anything good?

I've never had foie gras, but I will defend to my mild discomfort your right to enjoy it.

Bob del Grosso said...

Don Luis
Yeah man. You and I have a lot in common food, Frank and Rat Fink. I was a Rat Fink freak back in the day (aged 9-14). I put the picture there to give the impression of a mouse that'd turned into a moron from eating foie gras and developing amyloidosis.

BTW, I also was crazy about building models of cars designed by Big Daddy Roth. Ah, weep gently over lost youth. Nothing beats being 10.

Don Luis said...

You're scaring me dude. I used to draw Rat Fink on everything when I was 10, and I built plenty of Roth models.

Tell me that you liked the early National Lampoon, and I will propose.