Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Fatuous Food Writing Awards Entry

To paraphrase a bit of dialog from a scene in the movie Sophie's Choice wherein Sophie reacts to a sip of wine proffered by her amphetamine crunching, psychotic lover Nathan    If you are a food writer and have lived a very bad life. When you die you go to Hell  and are there compelled by Satan to read lines like these for eternity...


"this global, fine-dining practice of pre and even post-dessert pampering is more about caressing the fine diner and creating a flourish, than any acknowledgment that healthy living is sealing our palates. Long live sweets, they say, in all their tantalizing forms - pre-dessert, dessert, mini dessert and petits fours."

"These decadent mouthfuls are also the kitchen's encore, a flamboyant medium of self-expression for chefs."


The Foodist said...

That first one made my brain hurt..
Are you TRYING to hurt us Bob??!

Sorcha said...

I don't even know what they said there. And me and reading comprehension go way back.