Thursday, July 5, 2007

Eating through world conflict

The year was 1915 and war was raging across the continent. My own grandfather was fighting the armies of the Kaiser from the back of a horse along the borders of Italy. And what were the good people of Paddehatten (Denmark I assume) doing while the rest of Europe was going up in flames?

Fantasizing about traveling to Tivoli to eat hallucinogenic mushrooms and escargot apparently.

I'm sure there are other, Ahem, more plausible interpretations for the message of this circa 1915 travel poster sent to me by a reader who refers to himself as Anonymous -Bobby.

I changed this post a bit following the advice of Fatbear who pointed out that
the original post misidentified the destination as Tivoli, Itlay when it had to have been
Tivoli Gardens in Denmark.


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, my paternal grandfather was locating my grandmother (an opera singer) in Switzerland where they, with the rest of Switzerland, remained passionately neutral about WWI. Switzerland retaliated shortly thereafter with Dadaism (take that - world powers!) Though not confirmed, rumors have it that part of the movement was owed in fact to two causes: 1) nobody could draw a mushroom or a snail, and 2) nobody could draw a mushroom or a snail.


fatbear said...

Hate to tell you Bob, but it's got nothing to do with Italy - Tivoli is an amusement park in Cobenhagen, and Denmark was neutral in the Great War

Thor Bogelund is one of Denmark's most famous poster artists (I think he's even on a stamp), and did zillions of posters for Tivoli over 4 or 5 decades.

Nevertheless, keep up the good work - someone's reading and enjoying your posts....

re: Tivoli, see,_Copenhagen