Monday, July 2, 2007

Charleston, SC Latest State and Regional News: Seafood safety

Never has shrimp been more available and never has it tasted so lousy. That's in part because most of the shrimp on the market comes from farms where super high rates of growth coupled with a bland diet produce meat that is flabby, watery and tasteless.
To this day the best shrimp is caught by shrimpers. But because of the high cost associated with having to pay deckhands a living wage, high fuel costs and bunch of other things that shrimp farmers in Asia and South America don't have to worry about that much, the Bubba Gumps of this country have been having trouble competing. But things might be turning around a bit.
Now that so many food products from China are being prevented from entering the United Sates on the grounds that they contain drugs and fungicides that are illegal to use here, there may be some relief on the horizon for many of the nation's fisherman and shrimpers. Of course the price will go up but shoot, you know y'all eat too much anyway.

My thanks goes out to CarolinaGirl for the link:

Charleston, SC Latest State and Regional News: Seafood safety


Ed Bruske said...

Thanks, Bob, for the reminder that we still have a home-grown industry providing wild-caught shrimp. Finding it at the store--or finding a clerk at the store who knows the difference--may be another thing.

Don Luis said...

The question for me is, are cheap, flavorless shrimp better than no shrimp at all? And the answer for me is no: I'd rather have a burger.

CarolinaGirl said...

Thanks Bob!
Glad you found this noteworthy.I am a strong proponent of our local foods. Growing up literally next to trawler docks, I am so spoiled by the sweet taste of wild caught shrimp. I love it! I am hoping the industry can gain some strength as people and the gov't become wary of foreign products and standards.Here in SC, there is a huge push for local seafood with many restaurants advertising local, fresh shrimp. Shrimp is soomething I never order out unless I know it is fresh.