Saturday, July 28, 2007

Blogging the Inevitable:El Bulli Molecular Gastronomy Kit

If I had found this in the back of a comic book I'd have been no more surprised.

A starter kit priced at £42.95 brings together these three essentials, along with a tool kit of two syringes and dosing and collecting spoons.
El Bulli molecular gastronomy kit from Infusions


Tags said...

Here's a great blog by a disciple of moga (with emphasis on flava) -

Shola Olunloyo used to run something called "Studio Kitchen" that is a cross between a dining club and a restaurant an apartment he used to live in. He's very popular on the Pennsylvania forum of, deservedly so.

He also worked at the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok, The French Laundry, and Le Bec Fin in Philly.

fiat lux said...


blondee47 said...

what is the saying..."a sucker is born....?"
did anyone read this

really good

Simon said...

Chadzilla seems to suggest that kits at Tic Gum are pretty good. I have wondered often if I have the patience to do these "molecular gastronomy" things at home, it always looks so involved. Hell Khymos makes it look easy but I suspect he spends tons of time refining his posts...

Shola said...

Um......thanks for the praises but I never worked at the French Laundry.
I hear the food is off the hook though.


Tags said...

My apologies to Shola -

Working with Thomas Keller and working at The French Laundry are not synonymous.

The source of my misunderstanding -