Monday, July 16, 2007

A Cook's Dinner

What to eat for dinner is always a problem for anyone who believes with all the fiber of his being that a meal is something you make and not something you buy. If it were otherwise, then I would like to imagine that the daily problem would be a lot simpler. Relieved of such a burden he could just jump in the car and drive to someplace that would cook it for him, pay his money, and be done with it. But for a he like me, that is almost never an option. And tonight was no exception.

Tonight I had to eat alone. My kids have been away at camp for over a week and my wife is in New York on business and to my chagrin, having dinner with her business associates at Del Posto ($%#@&!?) To make things a bit more challenging, the larder is run down from having half of the family away for over a week. It would have been great if I could just climb into the car and go somewhere and scarf a meal. But I'm a cook and cooks don't do that. So the "net net" is that I had to scrap a bit to put something together for myself to eat that satisfied this cook's dictum I live under that compels me to cook my own food all the time. After probing around a while in the fridge and freezer, I came up with this: a frittata of zucchini, mozzarella, basil and prosciutto.

I made the frittata with 3 CSA eggs, some paysanne cut and sauteed zucchini, a chiffonade of basil from the garden with a "whiff of garlic", and some mozzarella and prosciutto di Parma. You see it here after it has been started in olive oil on the stove top and just retrieved from the broiler.

I ate it with some bread I made myself ( a sough dough made with rye and high gluten flour, wheat berries and flax seeds and some other stuff), a drizzle of some Denominazione di Protetta extra virgin olive oil (Tandem brand) , a half bottle of Les Piliers Sauvignon (2006) and some really good butter laced with big crystals of sea salt (Sevre& Belle La Baratte des Gourmets) all of it served on top of Sunday's NY Times. It was all very good and now I don't care much about no dictum. Actually, I'm happy to be tasked by it.

I don't think tomorrow's dinner is going to be this good. I'm taking delivery of 20 tons of stone and a 4 ton loader and will be spending the day dumping rocks into a big hole. So maybe, just maybe, I'll be ordering a pizza. Pity me.


Tags said...

Have you been to this place yet? It's around the corner from my sister's family off Rte 926 in a development called Deer Pointe (the farm is on 926).

Anonymous said...

Pity granted (if it comes to that).

Molto bene on the meal though I personally would have gone with a (much-maligned) Cava for the bevy.


Bob del Grosso said...

I drank what I had. I do not have a cave full of Cava or other wines to choose from. Would that I did, for I'd be all the richer. But you knew that.

I drive by that damn barn all the time and never suspected a vendor was in there. I'll have to check it out. And I know Deer Pointe too. Of course I cannot understand why the developer chose to confuse me by combining the English "deer" with the French "pointe." But then I'm still puzzling over the use of the word Shoppe on so many shops.

fiat lux said...

So how is it that calling in pizza doesn't meet the "cooks don't do that" code?

Simon said...

Loved the post. I try to live by that idiom, even though I am not a real cook. I don't think I have had delivery in quite a few years (although I did went over to the neighborhood pizza place a few months ago to pick up a pie. It was my first time there and when I saw the lady behind the corner taking my order and then startign cutting onions and mushroom for my pie I knew I'd come to the right place..)

Been enjoying your blog for a little while now and I hope you continue because I sure moving it out of my RSS reader. Keep up the good work!

Tags said...

Maybe John Deere wouldn't let them use that name. Or more likely, just remember that Jethro Bodine's sixth-grade education adjusted for inflation is now worth a bachelor's degree.

Ed Bruske said...

sounds like a meal to me. when all else fails, make a frittata, that's what I say

Anonymous said...

Frittatas are good in a pinch. I always sauce mine, though - with beurre monte, flavored with whatever I can find in the fridge (which usually winds up being pesto). That's why I usually pair it with a Cava - to cut down the richness.