Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Austin: One foie gras foe vandalized 7 eateries

It's hard to see how this sort of behavior is going to help the animal rights movement. I imagine that it will certainly bring it unwanted attention from law enforcement and Homeland Security and that the best that the less aggressive proponents can hope for is that most people will see this sort of thing as the work of one or two loose cannons.
On the other hand the movement does bear some responsibility for inciting credulous and passionate folks like this to criminal action by publicizing images and information about how some animals are treated and providing them with at least the illusion of an organization that supports their nasty behavior.
One foie gras foe vandalized 7 eateries, Web poster claims

I've tried to find the post that contains these photos but so far have had no luck. If anyone does come across these please send me a link to bobdelgrosso@gmail.com or put it in a comment box and I will post with attribution.

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