Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Alien Feedlot: Mapping the American Fatland

Wow, it looks like either a lot of people just can't say no to their mouths or something else is turning millions into bipedal pork. If the data that informs the linked map can be trusted, the obesity rate between states is pretty uniform. Only 7 show rates between 10-14%, while the rest of the country is larded up at >20 %.

As a reformed fat person who dropped 90 lbs 3o-something years back by eating less and moving more, it's hard for me to imagine that the problem is caused by anything other than gluttony and sloth. But who knows? Perhaps the nation is being fattened up by aliens prior to being picked up for transport to an ET abbatoir. Actually, I'm sure that is the case.

I recall seeing a show on TV back in the 60's entitled "To Serve Man" that made it clear that aliens have a thing for human flesh.

And as everyone one knows, everything on TV is in toto de facto.

Fit Nation: The Obesity Fight - Special Reports from CNN.com


Jennie/Tikka said...

"It's a cookbook! Its a cookbook!!!!" God, I love The Twilight Zone.

I honestly think its all part-and-parcel to our culture of instant gratification here in this country. We're taught from very early on that we are to gratify each and every single craving, instantly. Having to wait for something (like cooking) is seen as an unnaturally long wait. As M. Scott Peck used to say, we need our culture to once again pick up on the idea that delayed gratification is a better route, and apply it liberally to our culture.

The french, though beginning to catch up with us obesity-wise, still remain skinnier and healthier, despite their even higher-fat diet.

Soda, junk/processed foods, desk jobs, time stuck in traffic (especially here in L.A.), and having no idea how to cook something from scratch, all contribute to becoming a chunky-monkey.

CarolinaGirl said...

Personal responsibility. That's my battle cry. As someone who lost half my weight, yes half, I know/always knew it was my body and my responsibility. There, now it is out there. I was never fat due to the clown, king or chiuhuahua. It was all my fault. Nobody to sue, noone to blame but me. I had to do something. Once I became motivated, it was clear food was not the enemy, I was my own enemy. I think that is why I am so into cooking, and the science of it, besides the cultural connections. Maybe we need more programs and less studies. The cat is out the bag. Americans are fat! Quit spending money "studying" that fact, and more money hiring PE teachers, and Nurtition teachers. Jennie is soooo right. Our sedentary lifestyles aren't helping but if more people could reign in the instant gratification thing and cook more, things could change. I think fixing a healthy balanced dinner is "old school" sadly, and until we get back on that track, our food will not be made with love, let alone thought for health.

Crazy Raven Productions said...

What kills me is that there are no grey zones anymore. I am, admittedly, obese myself (working on it, but still there...), but it's really staggering how many truly obese people there really are in this country.

Scott said...

Remember, it's not just obesity. I am not overweight, but heredity gave me high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Yes, I take medication, but exercise and a change in diet had the most significant effect.

That said, I have a 50 year old anthology with Damon Knight's original short story upon which the Twilight Zone Episode is based.

Deborah Dowd said...

I love that expression "larded up", I am definitely incorporating that into my lexicon!

Don Luis said...

I dropped some 50 pounds about 15 years ago by eating less and walking more. I didn't change what I ate; I just ate less frequently.

I'm still at 190 pounds, but at 6'2", I can live with that (I hope).

There is a down side: at 240 pounds, everyone was afraid of me. Now, no one is.