Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Seeing Red: Eating Locally and Debunking the Red-Blue Divide

Barbara Kingsolver, who recently published a book about her attempt to live on nothing but locally produced food (and reaps a sheaf on my admiration for her and her family's effort) writes a snapshot of her experience in Mother Jones.

I'm particularly intrigues by the discussion of how local farmers have benefited from the produce branding phenomenon -something I find generally obnoxious and disorienting because the labels distract me into thinking about the brand and not the produce itself. Then there are those stupid little labels that always seem tear the skin when you try to remove them and stick in the sink and ever-where.

Seeing Red: Eating Locally and Debunking the Red-Blue Divide


Gina said...

I always thought those little stickers were there to help the checkers at your local mega-mart figure out what code to type in just a wee bit faster. Too many varieties of apples makes it too hard...to...key...in...

Bob del Grosso said...

Gina, that's true. But each label typically contains a logo to let you, the customer, know that it's not the same thing as the thing in the next bin.