Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Real Problem With GE Food...

is the behavior of some of the f**king companies who make it. Many thanks to FaustianBargain for this example of the downside of another Faustian bargain.


FaustianBargain said...

check out part 5..some revelations after about the first 2 minutes..

Anonymous said...

The problem discussed in this feature is a problem in -all- industries. The Blackberry network was almost shutdown by a company that buys patents and then sues everyone in existence. They are referred to as Patent trolls. Large corporations also do the same thing but most just cross-license their patents to each other. What the company did in the video was completely idiotic. But I fail to see how this is an anti-GE statement.

Btw - Patent reform is being discussed in congress but like everything else - its being delayed by lobbyists.

The Foodist said...

Posted this on my blog last week as well. Great video with some good information.


If you follow the youtube link to the whole series of videos youll see what it has to do with GE.

But allow me to summerize. This farmer shown in this video, as well as countless other smaller farmers, have had there "Gene-seed" destroyed when seed that was GE'd got mixed in. This is seed that these farmers have slaved and suffered to cultivate over the length of the life of their farms. The point this part of the video is making is that because these large companies are so hellbent on protecting their modified seed these farmers had to destroy their own seed.

Its like finding a Bakers 22 year old starter dough and adding your own yeast culture to it.