Monday, June 25, 2007

PETA is busy this summer

Thanks to The Foodist for this video clip of a news broadcast discussing an anti-foie gras action in Texas. Warning: contains footage of gavage.


Steve said...

You must have at least two readers named Steve -- I didn't send you that link!

It's funny how the restaurant dude says the ducks are fed "like any other animal raised for human consumption" when clearly they aren't. Then the activist says the ducks are vomiting and thrashing and struggling to get free, when clearly they aren't.

Bob del Grosso said...

Yeah Steve, the part of the clip is a beautiful synopsis of a long argument between two opponents who's knee jerk response to confrontation is ill-rendered propaganda. Gotta love the mdia bias towards PETA's postition too. I can't imagine that the "journalist" is truly sympathetic but I'll bet he knows a good "scare the sh-t out of the audience or make them sick" shot when he sees one! Gotta love it.

BTW, I wish that it was easier for people to use their full name or to choose apt pseudonyms bec. it's way too easy to confuse one Steve with the other when one (or the other) submits a comment that is not long enough to convey a sense of the writer's typical role in the dialectic. Sorry for the gaff!

The Foodist said...

gah sorry there bob that was me that emailed you the link, forgot that Gmail tags it with my name.

Thought I signed it "foodist" but was having connection issues and wasnt sure it even sent lol.

Oh well, important thing is it got there.

Bob del Grosso said...

Foodist and (the other) Steve

The Steve mentioned in the post now appears as The Foodist.

sfchin said...

OK, from now on I will use the handle sfchin.


The Foodist said...

Sorry bout the mix up there.

main concern was making this clip seen.