Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Oyster Bar No. 1 as terminal businesses make 160M

If you have ever eaten at the Grand Central Oyster Bar and made the mistake of eating anything other than raw oysters or clams you will understand my incredulity when you read that the place took in over 14 million dollars last year. Sure, a lot of those sales were in shellfish and beverage sales but they also had to include some of the most banal food I've had the displeasure to have eaten. Should I be surprised that a tourist trap serves overcooked fish with dead looking mass-market vegetables pulled from a dumpster at Hunt's Point or that the cooks construct plates that look like they've been torn out of food service industry magazine that'd been discarded in a steam room?
Dunno, could be that my expectations are too high. Sure is a great looking place though!

Oyster Bar No. 1 as terminal businesses make 160M

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CarolinaGirl said...

I see where you are coming from. The busiest place in my wonderful coastal city is a tourist trap with fried seafood. It is a formula, albeit a sucessful one, that along with location keeps drooling tourist clogging the sidewalk waiting to get in while locals eat fresh local seafood elsewhere. Kudos to the marketing guys; this place packs 'em in and keeps their dollars. My rule of thumb is always go where the locals go. If you see tourists get out of line. Yes, sometimes I may miss out but as a rule, it works.