Monday, June 18, 2007

New Endeavor

I've decided that it's only a matter of time until the tiny American foie gras industry is wiped off the map. To mark it's passing I've made a map that to track news about protests, legislation and special actions by animal rights commandos against restaurants and farmers. Really the only type of news that I don't want to put on the map is what someone who likes foie gras and collateral products like confit, magret, rendered duck fat etc would consider good news.

I've got a few google alerts on the subject out collecting information on a daily basis and will add stuff to the map in the sidebar from time to time. And I invite anyone who reads this blog to send me any bit of news they find is suitable. And if I can figure out how to set the map up so that you can add things directly, I will.


The Foodist said...

Ill be keeping an eye out.. great idea.

Scott said...

Great Idea. Your comments reminded me of something I meant to post to your earlier comments on militant Vegans. I'm not convinced that Foie Gras is a target just because it's a luxury item.

If you are a politician and go up against "the tiny American foie gras industry" and a few restaurateurs there won't be much blow back. Attack Tyson, IBP or Smithfield, your chambers will be filled with lawyers and lobbyists and your opponent's campaign coffers will overflow. Just a thought.

Bob del Grosso said...

That's a wry observation. I'll bet that you are correct and that this is a major consideration -and cowardly.

Scott said...

Thanks, Bob, but it's worse than cowardly - it's pandering to a small voting bloc on the far left.

Look, I am an unrepentant liberal, and a spiritual being, but I have come to grips with the fact that I am an omnivore, so something higher than a plant has to die for my needs to be satisfied. I am far more comfortable with the treatment of a foie gras duck, than a battery chicken.

The Foodist said...


I totaly forgot about this but..

Pope denounces Foie Gras. Might be worth tagging Rome lol