Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mario Batali Does or Doesnt Really Hate Food Bloggers

Rob Misfud at Hungry in Hogtown tipped me off to this mildly fascinating post by Mario Batali at Eater.com
Apparently some blogger at Eater posted a line of misinformation that he had lifted from a gossip column on the NY Post about a dispute he was having with the landlord of Del Posto and it got back to him. I'm not going to repeat the misinformation because it really was a lie. For reasons that are not at all clear to me, someone with authority at he Post does not like Mario or his business partners and uses the paper to take pots shots at them whenever it suits them. (I believe that one of the functions of a gossip column is to provide a format for "friends of the paper" to promote themsleves and business interests without having to be identified as the source of the info.)
But I wonder over the wisdom of writing something so inflammatory. Mario's got a lot of friends in the blogging community and some of them are not going to be happy to be browbeaten. But he's right though, many bloggers are little more than gossip columnists out to make a name for themselves by throwing as much mud as they can their shovels in while praying for a mention in The NY Times or a talking spot on Fox.

Eater: Why I Hate Food Bloggers By Mario Batali #01

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