Monday, June 25, 2007

It's Good To Be The Man (An exercise in self delusion)

Since I posted my eloquent rant against the over-consumption of bottled water, influential folks in at least two major cities have taken notice and have begun to move against an industry that sells something that almost nobody needs and produces more waste than a dog with with unlimited access to a meat locker. (Trust me, it's even worse than that.)

Last week the city of San Francisco banned the free distribution of bottled water to city employees. And now New York City is trying to discourage city dwellers from buying the stuff by promoting the consumption of tap water.

My goodness, it is great to be a blogger with the power to affect the lives of millions - if only, alas, in my dreams.

700G water-ad push


Scott said...
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tscape said...

Not to shatter your dream of nationwide influence ;) but I've been noticing a small-but-rising tide of disapproval towards bottled water - whether it be in restaurants who are trying to reduce the waste they create, or general conscientiousness about the waste issue. I fully admit to sometimes buying bottled water, but more and more I have been trying to use my own bottle and refill it when I can. The thought of how many of those bottles end up not being recycled, but piling up in landfills everywhere, really does bug me. I'm still part of the problem, but I'm trying!

Steve said...

didn't alice waters recently stop serving bottled water also?

Bob del Grosso said...


Of course I buy the stuff too, albeit it on a very limited basis and mostly through my kids who take my money and buy it. Actually I buy a lot of things that I hate, gasoline, medical insurance, kraft macaroni and cheese,
and much more dreck. We all get forced by circumstance, lack of options, coercion by kids and schools etc to pay into crap that we despise. It's a regrettable fact of life. However (and I'm sure I'm going to be preaching to the choir here.) even though we are not totally off-the-grid of consumerist culture we can still complain about it and expose the stupidity of it all. I'll bet even the pope, who came out a while back against factory farming practices picks up the occasional Perdue chicken in the supermarket :-)

Bob del Grosso said...


Yeah- Waters switched to filtered carbonated a few years ago.

The Foodist said...

Im left to wonder what kind of blowback the San Fran move will have. People protesting and moaning that workplaces are no longer healthy for removing the water cooler?

And whats to be done with the old steriotype about huddling around the watercooler to waste time?! Choas I tell you, utter Chaos!

but seriously, Good to see were trying to cut back on waste.