Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fatuous Food Writing Award Entry #1 Rocco DiSpirito on Comfort Food

In this fine example of mind boggling hyperbole ridden drivel, Rocco DiSpirito seems bent on proving that the term "comfort food" is the cudgel of choice for braining a jello teddy bear. Here's a sample (click the link if you are having a bad day and want to make it worse)

On the happy days, we don't think about the foods that comfort us.
We need them less then, I suppose.
We all know how powerful food can be.
It entertains and absorbs us; it can even be transcendental and has the power to heal.
We all have memories of emotional boo-boos that were made better with a dish our moms made.
They're called comfort foods for a reason -- they soothe and reassure both palates and souls.

Kind of make you wanna drool, doesn't it?

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Robinson said...

I have a question about your poll over there on the right... aren't the first and third choices the same thing? Or, at least, isn't the force feeding of an unnatural diet the way we get foie gras? Or is that the point and I missed it?

Bob del Grosso said...

The first question wants to know if you are bothered by the idea of force feeding

The second wants to know if you are opposed to farming ducks and geese

The third wants to know if you don't like the idea of luxury food (caviar, scotch smoked salmon, fugu, foi gras) or expensive food that you really don't need to eat but do so bec. you can afford it and may want to show off.

I'm not very comfortable with the concept of luxury food because it's so context bound. I mean is caviar that you make yourself from a sturgeon that you caught a luxury?

Hope this makes sense BdG

Robinson said...

Yes, thanks! I was obviously making assumptions about your views on foie gras.

tscape said...

It makes me want to drool - not in the "mout-watering" way, but from feeling dumber just from having read his drivel.

I like how he feels it necessary to explain that in different parts of the world, ethnicity shapes comfort food. Rrrrreeeaaaallyyyy? You mean that different parts of the world? And that these....changes....are due to the culture of that region? Wow.