Thursday, June 21, 2007

Eat Mo Fish Boyz

The Next time someone calls you Mackeral (as in maquereau which is also french slang for pimp) thank them. It may mean you're doing something right. Turns out that mackerel and other oily fish contain long chain Omega-3 fatty acids that may short circuit cancer cells that refuse to die by other means.

My suggestion is to soak some mackeral in a reduced and cooled marinade of red wine, black peppercorns and shallots. Then lay on a bit of olive oil and salt. Slap those babies on the grill and don't worry about nothing. Know what I'm sayin? (Do I know what I'm saying?)

Fish Oil Might Slow Prostate Cancer -

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Steve said...

My favorite preparation of mackerel is saba sushi. It's a little embarrassing to admit, since I don't think it's really considered a particularly refined or high-class fish for sushi (akin to admitting that your favorite fish is sardines). But it's cheap, delicious, and good for you. Unlike the slightly more refined aji (I think), saba is marinated in... something (salt and rice vinegar?). I love it.