Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dutch Foie Gras

You are going to love this video of a Dutch journalist being force fed. I'm not sure what I'm going to do for the rest of the day after having watched this. I suppose I'll just stare out the window and wonder what it all means.


ruhlman said...

all in all, it didn't look that bad. and without the gag reflex, probably wouldn't have been uncomfortable, just annoying. so it made me feel better about gavage.blog.ruhlman.

FaustianBargain said...

ruhlman, you are infuriating. the problem with foie gras is not about gavage or the lack of gag reflex.

hey! arent you like a journalist sort? how about a visit to a foie gras farm? pick a couple of strangers off the street..no groupies..no bourdain...visit a farm. compare notes with them. better yet, take your wife or kids with you. force feed a duck. take a vet with you. in fact, surprise the farm folks. visit them when they dont expect you! make it a fun day trip with the family...load your ipod with your favourite music, pack a picnic basket and spend a day with the ducks. see if you can hang around and hack a liver or two out of the ducks. and let us know how it makes you feel. on second thoughts, please take bourdain with you. it would be refreshing to hear from him about the nobility of the act that causes liver disease in waterfowls.

also, can you please find out if they do feed duck fat back to the ducks? i'd really like to know if gavage is a form of forced cannibalism.