Friday, June 22, 2007

Another Bar of "Swan Song for Duck Liver" please

An interesting peek into how animal rights activists successfully prevented an overturn of Chicago's ban on the sale of foie gras. Hit it Mr. Piano Man!
By Mick Dumke in the Chicago Reader


ruhlman said...

i've just read the story quickly, but it's not how they stopped it. that was a judge. it's about councilmen voting to repeal it, no? and the pestering techniques of animial rights activists.

Scott said...


Reading this after my post a few days ago confirms my belief that this is all about taking on the easy target.

Even the worst mis information about foie gras production pales in comparison to the animal treatment/environmental harm caused by Big Beef/Big Poultry/Big Pork. But just imagine the the counter campaign any of them would make. Imagine what those BK employees would do if you wanted to outlaw their chicken tenders.

Your reaction to my post was correct - cowards!