Thursday, June 21, 2007

4 Cannibal Wanabee Sex Maniacs (and chefs too)

If you believe that a silicone facsimile of the decapitated and dismembered torso of a human female surrounded by erect phalli, disembodied hearts and eggs being fertilized by strange-looking dark spermatozoa is "just the thing" you need to bring a touch of panache to your next banquet. And you don't know where to get food-grade silicone modeling supplies, check out!

This fascinating webshop has a lot of esoteric professional cooking equipment and supplies. I've never ordered anything from them, so I am not able to endorse their business practices, but they are certainly worth checking out- if only for your casual edification.

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The Foodist said...

Chef Rubber actualy has some decent products. Reliable from what Ive found