Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Truffle Oil Really Sucks. Yipee!

A few months ago I posted a comment under a Frank Bruni post on truffle oil. In effect I wrote that any I have had stinks like rotten socks or spoilt garlic because rather than being a simple infusion of truffles in oil it doctored with some skanky chemical (2. 4 dithiapentane) whose name I could not recall at the time. I concluded, in nigh-perfect academese, that truffle oil and was a waste of money and best suited for lubricating the condoms of randy swineherds and not fit for human consumption. Most of the other comments sounded like they were written by a bunch of pot smoking massage therapists and included advice like "if you use it correctly it is great" and similar drivel.

So you can imagine my glee when I found this NT Times article by Chef Daniel Patterson who explains that "many" (I'd say almost all) truffle oils are doctored with a synthetic aromatic compound.

Hocus-Pocus, and a Beaker of Truffles - New York Times

Thanks chef! You made my day. Now to be fair, there probably are true truffle oils out there -just don't expect to be able to find one unless you make it yourself.


Sorcha said...

Just as a note, anything oil-based is a no-no for lubricating condoms, because it will break down the latex.

Now, if your randy swineherds are barebacking it, they can use all the truffle oil they please. ;)

Don Luis said...

Wow, just when I though Bob's descriptions was graphic enough. But Sorcha, you're assuming latex; I still have some sheepskin condoms left over from the 70s (and they still sell them today), and you can use all the oil you want. They don't prevent STDs, but how dirty can a pig be?

Sorcha said...

Mm, good point, Don Luis. But can a swineherd afford the more expensive "natural" condoms? This is the real question.

"Honest, I was just helping that pig over the fence!"