Saturday, May 12, 2007

Lowdown Chinese Catfish Blues

Turns out those American catfish farmers who complained that imported Chinese catfish were really crapfish because Chinese fish farms were so filthy that the fish had to be dosed with (banned in the US) antibiotics were telling the truth.

Alabama has banned the sale of Chinese catfish throughout the state.
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Mississippi and Louisiana have issued Stop Sale orders to several supermarket chains.
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It's kind of interesting to me that the locus of alarm about the detection of two illegal antibiotics — ciprofloxacin and enrofloxacin in imported Chinese catfish happens to be in the states that have the largest number of domestic catfish farmers. But not at all surprising given how badly these guys have been hurt by the huge influx of cheap Chinese product.

So there you go: another reason to buy local. If you happen to live near a catfish farm. Let me try again. So there you go: another reason to buy American. But wait a minute. Don't catfish farms, like feedlots, major polluters, have large carbon footprints, rob other species of plants and animals of niche space? (And doesn't catfish suck anyway?)

It's tough to decide what to eat sometimes, no?

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