Thursday, April 5, 2007

Thermomix: A Query

If you have ever used one of the these or know someone who has I'm curious to know what you know about them.



Kevin said...

Does it do foot massages too?

Bob del Grosso said...

Dunno Kevin
I was a bit disappointed to see it doesn't freeze though. I might have been tempted to buy one. Apparently it's used by a lot of pro-dessert chefs. jeeze, you can cook rissotto in it.

Maya said...

Bob, I love those lists - it could be the perfect curriculum vitae for that guy from the Saw movie.

Tyrone B. said...


Never saw one in the US, home or restaurant...and I have toured, looked, or worked at a few.


I have hundreds of friends in Europe and even did a little visiting in between work in 2004-2005. Places visited: Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium, England, Scotland,....

I can tell you that my friends have neither seen one (nor I anywhere I was, believe me, I would remember), owned one, or even spotted one in Restaurants they frequent or work in. They know nothing about it.

So, that may be a vary scant European review...but really, how hard would it be to be in millions of homes and businesses worldwide with Billions of inhabitants?

That was probably too much comment, but I can't find anybody who has seen or used one, much less vouch for it.

Canada, nope. (at least not Novia Scotia)

West Africa, Central America, or the Caribbean...NEVER. Of course most places I traveled couldn't even afford a black and decker blender.

I would like to see Alton Brown do a review on it though...

Anonymous said...

My friend has one.
She uses it every day. For soup and risotto.

I would get one if it wasn't so expensive. I think I'd use it mainly for blending and millling and it would also be useful as I make a lot of soups. I wouldn't use it for things like cake mixes as I don't think they'd get enough air and I like to see what's going on. If I did think I'd use it for everything, I wouldn't be so hesitant on the price.

Peta Crogan said...

Hi there,
I own a thermomix in Australia and I am more than happy to answer your questions.
I was so impressed with the TM31 in my first few weeks that I decided to become a consultant and I have not looked back.
This machine is just AMAZING - mills, grinds, chops, stirs, sautes, juices, steams, cooks, purees, pulverises,kneads, crushes ice, makes sorbet, makes full meals - including cooking pasta in the bowl, makes smoothest custard in the world, breads and dips through to cocktails - EVERYTHING except the BBQ (but all the prep!) !!
Oh, one other thing in response to Tyrone - we have sold a couple thousand machines here in the last two years, but we are still small fry and apparently require only two days of Vorwerk's yearly thermomix production fo fill our quota!

Rick's Thermomix Blog said...

Hi, I have to tell you these machines are fantastic, everything Peta said I would agree with. I use my Thermomix every day and haven't regretted buying it for a second. I would recommend seeing this machine for yourself. Once people see the machine with their own eyes they can't help to be impressed.