Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I SushiBot

Ever wondered why supermarket sushi tastes so unsushi-like? Wonder no more. It's not just about the rice which retrogrades under refrigeration. Yikes! It's being made by robots...

Sushi Machines

On a more humanistic note.

I've eaten sushi ( I actually prefer sashimi) in some of the best places in NYC but by far and away the best sushi and sashimi I have ever eaten, was at Ike Sushi in Los Angeles. And compared to NY, the prices are cheap. My friend and I ate for almost two hours and paid about 100 bucks sans tip. It's a tiny little place in a shopping mall and has a decor reminiscent of the luncheonette I worked in as a teenager.
Ike-san is a master.
The fish smells and sparkles like the sea. Google Ike Sushi if you think I'm being hyperbolic. I'm sure there are others quite as good, but this was the best I've had. And Ike-san is consistent. My friend has been eating there happily for 16 years.


Shannon said...

Hannaford has sushi chefs who make it fresh to order and/or make it fresh to be packaged the same day.

I found it's about equivalent to sushi restaurants I've gone to.

Sorcha said...

Some Safeway and Fred Meyer stores out here have sushi chefs who make it fresh to order or for packaging too, and it's pretty good. I don't buy it unless I've watched the chef make it. *G*

Shannon said...

I should've added, that I got desperate once...it was late at night....and I went to Shaw's supermarket and saw they had prepackaged sushi.

I figured it couldn't be bad....I figured wrong. It tasted awful and artificial.

I wonder if it was made by the sushi robot.

Sorcha said...

Maybe you got the display model, the one not meant for human consumption? *G*

Ed Bruske said...

I wonder what is the future of sushi, and what should our current approach to it be, if the fisheries of the world are all being wiped out?

Brew (AUREL1@YAHOO.COM) said...

I've been taken to Ike by a friend who swore by it. Good, but not stupendous.

However, the next time you are in Southern California/LA/the OC area...regardless of whether you are 10 miles away, or 60... you need to take a trip to Tustin.

In a similar strip mall setting to Ike, is a restaurant called Sushi Wasabi, and it's incredible.

Omakase style, sit at the bar, and Enjoy Katsu's presentation. Don't expect Tempura, Miso, or any bulk filler rolls.

Every piece of sushi and sashimi is incredibly fresh, and hand selected daily by Katsu. His Blue Crab handrolls are incredible, the BBQ Eel is an eye opener, and I can never get enough of his chopped Toro. Or any of his seasonal specials he decided to serve that day... from Spanish Mackeral, to Jack Mackeral, or even Barracuda...