Monday, April 9, 2007

how to wring a bar towel

Lessons well-learned are never forgotten and can become part of the fabric of daily life. I learned to wring a bar towel in 1968 on my first day on the job as a short order cook and soda jerk at McCann's Luncheonette in Glen Cove, NY. My teacher was the late George Cohen, a gruff but kind-hearted man who with his wife Hannah had bought McCann's several years earlier from the original owner. Before he took over the luncheonette George had been a waiter at Reuben's Kosher Restaurant, which was where he had learned and perfected the technique that he, in turn, taught me.

Wet the towel and stretch it out,

Fold it over once,

Fold it again,

Wring it and you're good to go. Thanks George!

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Maya said...

And then you're all ready to smack someone on the...Doh! Sorry, I'll zip it now.