Friday, April 27, 2007

dongpo pork -how sweet the sound

I believe that I have caught Ruhlman's pork virus because now whenever I see something like this Dongpo Pork I get kind of wiggy. OMG Cha Xi Bau, thank you!


kristin said...

And the only cure for that virus is to eat more pork! LOL!!

Bacchus said...

I saw this post up yesterday (or was it the day before). I am so glad to see people are cross linking to it.

Bob del Grosso said...

Pretty heady stuff Kristin and Bacchus, no?
I'm trying to imagine how to make that and am coming up empty headed.
The exterior is a no brainer, but the inside is a mystery. Chi Xi Bao gives no instructions, alas.

The Foodist said...

wow, just... wow.

I can only imagine the time it takes to make it... by the by what IS on the inside? Just layers of pork? Looks like you could layer strips of pork/porkfat into a shaped baking dish of some kind.

Regardless I makes me crave some ham!

Kevin said...

That enough to make anyone wiggy. And on a related note, I'm planning on making pork confit raviloli with mushroom ragu this evening.{g}

veron said...

my mouth waters at this sight! Hail to the pig!